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May 3rd, 2019 at Velocity Dance Center

In a Monomyth or a hero’s journey, the protagonist faces a call to adventure, experiences trials, challenges, growth and ultimately a return back to what is known.  What happens when the “known” is removed from the journey? What happens when significant checkpoints are absent including a revelation, transformation and atonement?  What are we left with? This performance aims to explore intricacies of an uncertain journey; one without a designated hero, meaning and explicit pursuits, but rather a journey that embraces process and the unknown.  

Monomyth I is an interwoven evening of dance created by five artists whose aim is to explore these intricacies of an uncertain journey. Each artist started their process by acknowledging the monomyth by a stripping away of all its defining features in order to render it unrecognizable. Yet through this process of creating unrecognizability emerged a recognizable and authentic self narrative, removed from the original narrative of the monomyth. Each piece in Monomyth I aims to embrace process and the unknown over the concentric pursuits and meaning of the monomyth.


the PIECES of Monomyth I

Limitations 10

by Christin Call

In Limitations 10, a woman suspended above the floor investigates the permission of her body in space.  What is the access point for her to enter a received story, and how are the limitations for entering it a way to examine the values of the epic journey?  Through poetic monologue and idiosyncratic movement vocabulary she may decide to bring the world closer to her, to absorb it, and to work to towards an always unfinished process towards desire, sexual identity, knowledge, and belonging.



Sophia Arnall

Sophia is a recent transplant from Massachusetts. She received a B.A. in Dance from Smith College in May 2017. Following graduation, Sophia toured with Barbie Diewald Choreography throughout Massachusetts and New York. Upon relocating to Seattle, Sophia has performed with Alice Gosti, Melissa Sanderson, Hope Goldman & Jordan MacIntosh-Hougham. She currently dances for LanDforms, the creative partnership of Danielle Doell and Leah Crosby. Sophia is currently fueled by unanswered questions, and the gradual settling of some inner hysteria.

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Christin Call

Christin Call is an assemblage artist living in Seattle, WA and making work primarily at the cross-section of dance, film, installation, and poetry.  She received her BA in Painting and Art History from Wichita State University and has been Co-founder and Co-artistic Director of Coriolis Dance for 11 years.

Monomyth-MeredithPellon(Photo Credit Jos

Meredith Pellon

Meredith Pellon is a dance artist and choreographer based in Seattle. Her most recent work can be seen in Monomyth I, Converge Dance Festival 2019, and Seattle International Dance Festival Spotlight on Seattle Now and Spotlight on Contemporary Ballet 2019. She works within a contemporary, minimalistic movement style that often employs improvisational practice.



tiffana is the Seattle based creative partnership of movement artists, Tiffany Bierly and Ana Puzycki. Our identity derives from an ever fluctuating balance between: sensuality/quirk, strength/vulnerability, passion/apathy, and dream/reality utilizing subtlety/being intentionally too much.  We embrace our entireness by celebrating our victories and honoring our flaws. It is important to us that viewers have space to feel seen in our work by allowing room for interpretation.


Maia Veague

Maia Veague is originally from the Chicagoland area before (twice) making Seattle her chosen home.  She has had the opportunity to dance works by Thodos Dance Chicago/Hillary Murphy, Mandy Moore, Gierre Godley, Rachelle Rhelk, Karin Stevens, Wade Madsen, Alyza DelPan-Monley, and Christin Call / Coriolis Dance, and currently works with Rainbow Fletcher / Hypernova, Jessica Jobaris / General Magic, and Christopher Petersen / Tuya Vale.  Through personal practice and her work with others as a chiropractor, Maia explores ideas of physical and internal space, inhabiting body, and perceived experience through environment.


Show Photos


Seattle Dances

"Each of the five artists/groups presenting—Sophia Arnall, Christin Call, tiffana, Meredith Pellon, and Maia Veague—showed thoughtfulness and presence in a meditative series of works. The Velocity theater was set up intimately in the round, and ushers stated a no-clapping policy, which allowed the works to gently overlap, flowing from one into another"

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