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Christin CALL

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I am an assemblage artist, working primarily with dance, film, poetry, and installation.  In the potentiality of an array of forms with which to make work, I’ve found that a cloud-like accumulation of images are generated, and the text of those images, for me, is opened up.  As I begin to look at this cloud I accept intuitive feelings or sometimes rule-based guidelines about those images: that some are in agreement and some are in opposition.  The process of making the work is to uncover how they are alike or not alike, to describe their spatial and conceptual relationship, and to chart that relationship.

Audiences who engage with my work undergo a similar immersion of experience, just as the rich volatility of stream-of-consciousness reveals by a thousand fragments an individual’s inner thoughts.  The transformation of seemingly chaotic images moving towards companionship is, I believe, an innate process, and that we go to work on these images to decode and recode their significance to ourselves.  Important in my work is that the transformative process is utilized as a gateway to externalize the complexity of the inner life, to create objects and experiences that can be seen, touched, and handled with the safety that the “artifice” of art allows.

Recent series

Limitations 12

Limitations 10

Limitations 9 Task 13

A Film by Christin Call. Director of Photography Cainan Martens. A letter written to my younger self, using text sourced from volunteer contributors via survey asking for descriptive information about an object sitting in proximity to the subject.

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