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Tuya Vale Artist Collective put quite simply, is a group of people who do.  Though artists range in pursuits, interests, disciplines, and backgrounds, the similarities are binding - people who have a passion and are active in their disciplines. 


Tuya Vale serves as a creative hub to overcome common hurdles for artists: motivation, momentum, and a platform for showcasing work. Through a network that extends abroad, and for a plethora of pursuits including curators, choreographers, performers, consultants, and visual artists, we provide an infrastructure for multidisciplinary collaboration. Our goals are straightforward: to be open to conversation, and to work and think critically through the next project.



In the summer of 2018 a few friends were sitting in their backyard lamenting about, and stewing in, all the classic artist dilemmas: space to exhibit, motivation, rejections from applications.  Exhausted of waiting for approval, we decided to disregard our impotence and to create our own collaborative platform. 


The name Tuya Vale originates from two geographical landforms, both uniquely different in their environments, and spaces.  Like these landforms, our collective aims to bridge diverse backgrounds into a common collective and space, with a shared passion for exploration, thoughtful & critical discourse and new ideas. Above all, this collective aims to create a platform; with space and opportunity to create, the arts will flourish.



Tuya Vale is comprised of artists who remain determined to think critically throughout their respective practices.  The collective serves as a tool for artists to brainstorm, make connections, collaborate and contribute to a greater community. 


Tuya Vale produces opportunities for artists to perform and exhibit. Just being able to get an idea out shouldn’t be a privilege, it’s a necessity for every artist.  


Currently Tuya Vale is working towards establishing a physical space to host residencies and long term installation projects.

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