Friends of tuya vale 

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Art Consultant
Toronto, Canada

Art consultancy specializing in Canadian and American art. I provide advisory and acquisition services, public art consulting, bilingual appraisals, collection management, and research & writing on custom projects

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Pitch & Roll

Exhibition and Practice Space

Seattle, WA

Pitch and Roll Productions is dedicated to bringing more opportunities for dancers and artists to collaborate and perform to build a more inclusive creative community in the Seattle area.


Ministry of casual living

Registered Non-Profit Society

Victoria, Canada

Established to provide artists from all disciplines with an accessible venue for experimentation, MoCL is committed to promoting critical, self-reflective discourse, and integrating the artistic process into all aspects of everyday life

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Heart & Bone Signs

Signs for the Test of Time

Chicago, IL

Heart & Bone, Gold Gilded and Hand Painted Signs is a Chicago based sign shop offering the highest quality of traditional gold leaf and hand painted sign work. Heart & Bone is a team of professional craft artists specializing in pristine brush work and has a diversified portfolio of signage for both local small business owners as well as national and global companies. No matter the scale of the project our intention is to provide the best traditional signage. Our gold leaf and hand lettering is an indication of pride and a future investment for our valued customers.



Dance Studio & Performance Space

Seattle, WA

Yaw Theater is a dance studio that can be transformed into a performance space. We are  focused on developing community and collaboration among artists with an emphasis on creation and performance.

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The Shed

Laboratory. Installation. Performance Space.

Located in the DIY heart of Seattle in Georgetown, The Shed is a space for artist residencies, rehearsals, and exhibitions with a focus on installation and performance. Founded by local assemblage artist Christin Call and current Co-artistic Director/Co-founder of Coriolis Dance, Christin is a facilitator for interdisciplinary artistic practices, giving artists a space to explore and develop their work.



Post Ballet Company

Seattle, WA

Coriolis Dance is a women-led contemporary ballet company founded by creative partners Natascha Greenwalt and Christin Call. We work together to create stories of strength and resilience through vulnerability. Formed in 2008, we are the originators of Postballet, an approach that expands the rigors of ballet technique with the contemporary practices of improvisation, embodiment, and interdisciplinary conceptualism.

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Dovetail Studios

Dance Studio and Performance Space

Chicago, IL

Founded in September 2015, Dovetail Studios has become a community space for the arts on the North Side of Chicago. Dovetail Studios is a dance and fitness studio specializing in dance classes for children, adults, and professional dancers.