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Silt: Freshwater Edition

June 15th - 7pm

Silt is an evening of performance. Through a public open call, five artists are each provided with 15 minutes to present an action, event, or performance. Silt was originally started for movement artists and performance artists; however, it is open to everyone regardless of artistic or personal identifications. The aim of Silt is to provide participants with an accessible low stakes stage for experimentation and expression.


Freshwater edition will feature -

Heather Rule

[ field ]

Isaak Fong

lo bil

James Knott


Silt will be held at Gerrard Art Space, an art gallery on Gerrard Street in the East end of Toronto.


Find more information about Gerrard Art Space Here!


Performers are currently selected by members of the Tuya Vale Artist Collective ( with the aim to encourage multiplicity and contrast. We do our best to provide opportunities to everyone who expresses interest.


Silt is free to attend.


Silt is determined to be a recurring occurrence.

silt poster.jpg

Gerrard Art Space

1475 Gerrard St East, Toronto

June 15 - 7pm

Admission is Free

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