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Ryan Hatfield

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A city street is a collection of fragmented, yet through association, related parts all existing beyond thought. Hundreds of moments in fleeting and ever changing miniature, inhabit our environment; all occurring despite opinion.


Lately, I have been using this metaphor of a complex city street to attempt to articulate my attraction to nuance, contradiction, complexity, dynamism and indifference.  Works, which are contingent on place are ever changing and go through a series of building, sabotaging and rebuilding.  With elements thrown together, how do they interact and what is to be inferred? What are the consequences and psychology with their relationship of proximity? What is genuine and what is convoluted artifice?

Ryan has exhibited work in Canada, Australia, Germany, Cyprus, Scotland, Israel and the USA.  He has earned his BFA at the University of Denver, a post-baccalaureate at the Cyprus College of Art, and an MFA in painting from the University of Victoria. 

Recent series


Everyone is telling you what worked best for them

These would look great in storage

I Didn't Understand it or enjoy it, but I'm sure it's profound

That's not what a person looks like