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Installation with three performance events

Sept. 14th, 6pm - 9pm
Free, come and go as you please
The Shed, 6631 Ellis Ave S, entrance from alley off of Warsaw ONLY

Artist Residency #2 in The Shed will culminate with Georgetown's Art Attack.

Malakinsi is an immersive installation work created by Seattle-based artists, Ryan Hatfield and Ana Puzycki. Together their joint installation and movement disciplines aim to explore individualized moments, nuances and peripheries within a complex environment. Malakinsi will be open from 6-9pm, with performances happening at 7:00, 7:30, and 8:00 pm. All are invited to join for as much or as little of the evening as desired. 


































About Ana
Ana Puzycki holds concurrent degrees in Dance and Psychology from Penn State University. Her relationship with movement is grounded in the inherent connectedness of the human mind and form. 


About Ryan
Ryan Hatfield received his MFA in painting from the University of Victoria, his painting practice explores an attraction to nuance, contradiction, complexity and indifference.  


About The Shed


The Shed is a bare-bones art space that serves as a laboratory for installations and performance. A former metal shed behind a private residence, the space reflects the DIY-sensibility at the heart of Georgetown in Seattle, WA—build the art you want in the community and make the spaces for the community you want to build. Founded by local assemblage artist Christin Call and current Co-artistic Director/Co-founder of Coriolis Dance, Christin is a facilitator for interdisciplinary and media-fluid artistic practices. The Shed aims to encourage the blurring of genre-based categories and widen the fuzzy edges of artmaking by providing artists space and time to explore and develop work that might otherwise not be made.  

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