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Jeroen Witvliet


The day to day flow of observation, reaction, politics, inter personal relations, desires , conflict and reflection, exposure to a barrage of imagery, ideas and news, passions and refusal to accept while linking multiple pasts into the contemporary inform the paintings of Jeroen Witvliet, who, in response stubbornly embraces that which could be called the Poetic. 
It is through his practice that Jeroen Witvliet is hoping to stumble across a different way to make a connection with reality, to go beyond the immediacy of the first meeting and explore the realm that opens up when focusing more intently and repeatedly on a contemporary encounter. Linking these encounters to history, uncertainty of memory, notions of truth, power, dominance and manipulation in an attempt to get to the beyond of what we can describe, speak of or can define form an integral part of Witvliet's research and practice. 
The whispering areas where the paint dissolves into something else, the silence in between the lines, the images at the periphery always escaping our focus and a certain unease permeates his work

Recent series

Day / Night / Day

Bottom of the Well

The Undoing

Sighting / All Tomorrow's Parties