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Breanna fabbro

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Objects in the world are alive - we make them alive with our constant interaction with them. Like food in still-life paintings that depict decay, all objects have a life. My work depicts that movement and process of coming and becoming. I am interested in exploring how habitual experience and action can be depicted visually through painting, investigating the temporal routines and repetitious conditions in our day-to-day. These moments of suspended motion are mobilized through painting the memory and experience of interactions with an object as it relates to the space or scenario it is set against. 



Breanna Fabbro has been living on Lekwungen Territory for the past 5 years and is so incredibly grateful for all of the learning, creating, and friendships that continue to unfold there. In 2016 she graduated from UVic with a MFA in painting and soon after began work at Open Space as a Program Coordinator, thanks to an Early Career Development grant from the BCAC. At Open Space she curated Forestrial Brain and was Assistant Curator to co-curators France Trépanier, Michelle Jacques, and Doug Jarvis for Deconstructing Comfort. Since 2017 she has been working with Primary Colours/Couleurs primaires as a Programs Coordinator and is grateful for the mentorship from France Trépanier and Chris Creighton-Kelly. She is of Italian, English, and Czech ancestry.

Recent series

It Held Only Briefly

Temporary Usage of Things

Studio Arrangements

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